Hey Dr. P!™

Hello everyone! I have been gone for so very long. I have been in a quiet space. My apologies to everyone who was staying engaged and then fell off because I left the face of the earth. A lot has been going on since August. I ask for your patience. Have you ever had to […]

  Whew, what a week! NSBE 41 is in the books. For those out of the loop, each year NSBE has an Annual Convention. This year it was NSBE’s 41st Annual Convention in Anaheim, CA. This organization is near and dear to my heart. I have been a member since 2006 (I was late to […]

So what is this Pi day business? Pi day has been officially observed in the US since 2009. There are many events to commemorate the day. So check out your area! MIT has sent out acceptance letter to arrive on this day. Some have pie eating  or throwing contest. Whatever you do just know why […]

Auditorium Seating

One of the things I do consistently is travel. Majority of my traveling involves conferences or meetings. Conferences are the lifeblood of the scientific community. They are a place to showcase your work, publish, meet potential collaborators, employers, develop professionally and spark creativity. Many articles exist that discuss how to choose conferences for publishing , […]